Hi. I'm Ankur Khemani.

I am a Mobile/Web/Backend enthusiast. Currently, I am pursuing my Masters degree in Computer Science from University Of Southern California (USC). My projects are particularly focused on Android, Computer Vision & Machine Learning.

More about what I do

Here's all the stuff I do.

Android Development

My apps are live on Google Play Store with over 2 million downloads.


Coz Hackathons are where your crazy ideas become reality.

Everything Else

I love Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Photography, Travelling, Soccer and Tennis.

Here’s some of the recent projects I worked on.


Don't watch a video in oblivion. Dive deep into it!
Won "Best Overall Hack" & "Best Microsoft Hack" in HackGT 2016 at Georgia Tech, Atlanta.

Yahoo Esports

Software Intern (Android) @ Yahoo!

Extended the app for tablets; implemented components for push notifications.


A mobile based audio assistant to help the visually challenged in getting a real time description of their surroundings.
Won 1st prize in ACM USC Mobile Hackathon.


Automatically generates relevant captions and GIFs for your images.
Won "Best Overall Hack" prize by Microsoft in HackTech 2016 at CalTech, Pasadena.

BoardWalk Pong

A two player Augmented Reality enhancement of real-world Beerpong game built using Google's Project Tango on Unity. Part of the Advanced Mobile Games Course at USC.

Daily Laws

Daily Laws, is an open source initiative that focuses on informing the common People (Aam Janta) of India about the prevailing laws which surrounds their every day life.

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